tree lovers unite

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All Ages


iOS, Android


Trees Lexington



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The Tree Lovers Unite app is an AR application designed to function during the Tree Week Lexington celebration of 2018, an event sponsored by the Trees Lexington nonprofit. The application allowed users to plant virtual trees throughout town. 

What is Trees Lexington?

We are dedicated to supporting the continued growth and vitality of Lexington’s trees by engaging those who live among them.

Trees Lexington! is a non-profit that seeks to encourage community members to take an active role in expanding and maintaining the local tree canopy. By assisting with community tree plantings and providing education on proper tree care, Trees Lexington! adds, not only to overall canopy cover, but to the natural character of our city.

​Growing and enhancing Lexington’s tree canopy will contribute greatly to our legacy for future generations. By working together, we will add to the beauty of our community and cultivate civic pride in ourselves, connectivity with our neighbors, and stewardship for our environment.



A large poster for Tree Week Lexington, October 6-18, 2018.
A Google PLay listing page for Tree Lovers Unite App showing several trees in AR.