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For KET, we helped make a few web games focused on different educational concepts. These small experiences covered a few different topics from general health (how to brush your teeth) to math. These were released as two bundles of games: Wild Fractions and Healthy Me/Everyday Learning. 

Wild Fractions 

Wild Fractions consists of 5 educational games developed for Kentucky Educational Television to help young children learn how to multiply and divide with fractions. It was released on multiple platforms and supports English and Spanish.

Healthy Me/Everyday Learning

Healthy Me is a series of learning games developed in collaboration with Kentucky Educational Television to teach children aged 3 – 5 about healthy living.


A screenshot of a desk showing a pile of photographs.
A rsults screen showing "You Are Correct"
A little girls face and a collection of floating vegetables.
Several characters in a generic polygonal style laying around on a colored surface.
A title screen showing dirty hands and a soap logo that says Healthy Me
A phone showing the text "healthy me"