Find me

key art for Explosionade showing a suited marine shooting a space alien.


the ESRB rating for E10+


PC, PlayStation


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Find Me is a beautiful and surreal 2D puzzle platformer about a lost shadow seeking to be reunited with her human girl, while searching for memories and avoiding the dangerous city lights.

One fateful night a young girl gets in an accident, separating her shadow from her body. Lost and scared, her shadow gathers the courage to search for her lost human across the familiar, but different city.

Find Me takes you on a curious journey through the city streets and into a dark, dreamlike world. Dodge broken lights, creep along walls and ceilings, hack circuit boards, and pick up mysterious photographs of what looks like to be you as a human.

Are you really just a lost shadow? Or is there more to the story…play the game to find out!


Kickstarted in 2017 and utilizing a design team of high school game designers, Super Soul joined this project in 2019 to help bring it to modern consoles and Steam. 



a dark street lit by lights, a screenshot from Find Me
A platforming figure lurking around a series of bright and colorful panels, otherwise shrouded in darkness.
a small figure jumping between hanging planetoids.
A platforming figure jumping between diffferent conveyor belts over a brightly lit chasm.
outside of a place marked "studio ivenio" a figure moves in a darkened landscape.
In a different animation style, a white eyed figure hovers gooey-like over a prone figure under a street light.