Centenntable is an unique 100 button fight stick where each player has 50 buttons. Every button does one of a few different options – an attack or attack sequence, a visual effect on the player, a visual effect on the space, a change to the soundtrack, or a physical object that is added to the space.

Centenntable the table is made by Amanda Hudgins, but Super Soul worked to construct the original fighting game that is featured on the game.


Originally made for 2016’s Rules and Play, Centenntable has had three separate incarnations – a large table-sized board, a traveling version that folds up and fits in a suitcase, and an arcade cabinet that is currently on display at Wonderville arcade in Brooklyn.

Centenntable has been exhibited internationally, at the Feral Vector event in Hebden Bridge, UK, Hand Eye Society Ball in Toronto, CA and in Seoul, South Korea as a part of the Out of Index Event, as well as being shown at the Smithsonian Museum for American Art and the Kentucky State Fair, where it won a blue ribbon.