A Burrito-Like Wrap-Up of GDC

I didn’t go to GDC with a particular goal. I rarely go to conferences and conventions with an objective, unless I’m showing something. That said, I have always managed to get something good out of the experience. This being my third year of attending GDC, I had a rough idea of what I would encounter throughout the week: cool people making cool things, interesting talks, and some rad parties. However, I generally try to make it a point to do something new each year as well. This year’s big new thing was going on the Train Jam.

I have done quite a few game jams in the past (Global Game Jam, Ludum Dare, etc.), but Train Jam was a wholly new experience for me. Spending 52 hours on a train created a challenging environment for making a game, as the swaying of the cars and the lack of internet worked against all attempts at productivity, but simultaneously pushed everyone to think creatively and work around these obstacles. Amanda Hudgins and I worked with two people we had never met before, Andrada Tudor and Jeremiah Watts, to make Techno Dad: Hot Tub Party, a game about fitting a bunch of dads into a hot tub that is too small to keep them warm in an arctic climate, which would be on display with the 61 other games at the Train Jam booth at GDC.

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Guests on NPR WEKU’s Eastern Standard and the Importance of the Elevator Pitch

John and I had the pleasure of joining EKU professor George Landon and host John Hingsbergen on Eastern Standard a few weeks ago. Below is a link to the archived show.


Link to Archived video
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Louisville Arcade Expo Recap

Standing in the middle of the Pavilion at the Louisville Arcade Expo, surrounded by dozens of classic arcade games and pinball machines, your senses are overwhelmed with the urge to play a game. The lights from the machines cast a flickering glow across the room, and as you walk around the pavilion you occasionally pick up on a tune from a game you loved from your childhood, bringing with it a flood of warm memories of the dawning of the video game era.  Although this was only their third year, the Louisville Arcade Expo keeps getting bigger and better. For the low price of $15 for one day, and $35 for the weekend, all games were set on free to play, offering gamers of all flavors unlimited entertainment. Read more

Compromised Road Tour Continues – Louisville Arcade Expo this Weekend

If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer (and what self respecting kid from the 80’s and 90’s doesn’t) attending the Louisville Arcade Expo this weekend should be on par with the feeling you got when you finally beat Mike Tyson in Punchout. Remember that day? (You DID finally beat him right?) This is truly one event you won’t want to miss as there are going to be over 100 pinball and arcade machines set on free to play, classic consoles from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, classic computer games from the Apple II, Commodore 64 and others, and to top it off, kids 10 and younger get in free with an adult admission! Read more