Super Soul Spring Intern Wrap-Up at Gatti Town

It’s time for our regular GattiTown wrap-up. Every time we wrap-up a project, we go to GattiTown and with the semester coming to a close, it seems sensical to take the interns there as a celebration for their Spring Semester.

We were super pleased to have 3 interns from the Steam Academy, a local high school in town as well as one adult intern (who was unable to attend the gathering). This semester they worked on levels for Kentucky Dash (formerly known as the Lexitron Runner), helped play test Mommy’s Best Games Pig Eat Ball and more. It was a fantastic semester, and we can’t see what they go on to do.

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Intern Farewell Dinner Spring 2016

This semester we were incredibly pleased to have two pretty fantastic interns with us — Kameron Stephens from the University of Kentucky, and Hunter, our high school intern from the Steam Academy in Lexington.

Over the course of the semester, we hope that they’ve learned a great deal about game development and this side of the industry. Kameron was incredibly helpful on the Lexitron Kickstarter project that we helped with, and Hunter started to really gain some further insight into Unity through work on our runner project.


To see the interns off, we had a dinner at Gatti Town Lexington (best arcade in the area). Good luck on your graduation and further careers!

Farewell Fall 2015 Interns

This semester we were very lucky to have three interns from the University of Kentucky’s MAS program. These three interns — Jeff Wright, Stephen Smith and Matt Hudgins — all contributed a great deal to the projects that we worked on this month.

To celebrate the work that we’ve done this semester as well as the fact that two of our interns (Jeff and Stephen) are graduating, we took them out for a night at Gatti Town.

IMGP0631 IMGP0634 IMGP0693

The night was full of skee ball, Japanese Derby horse training games, a potentially pirated copy of Mario Kart and average pizza. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our final hurrah with our interns, as well as the interns who made this an enjoyable and productive semester.

If you’re interested in an internship, be sure to contact .

OGDE 2015 Post Mortem

This year, Super Soul attended OGDE as a part of the game development group RunJumpDev, who was a sponsor for the event. Throughout the weekend, the RunJumpDev booth alternatively showed off work from both Super Soul, as well as Ralph VR’s Daydream Blue. On the final day, mildmojo also set up a guerrilla booth for his fascinating alternative controller exhibit Disc Jockey Jockey.


OGDE is a regional exposition for game developers in the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana area, and there were a lot of great development teams from the area showing off all of their work. In addition to that, we were able to meet a decent selection of new people. The conference is a great opportunity to network with other developers, show off the work that we’ve managed in the past year, and to just see some great games from regional developers.

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