Amanda Gets Selected as #INeedDiverseGames GDC Scholarship Recipient

This year, all the members of Super Soul will be attending GDC (yay!) and I’ll be attending as well, as a GDC Scholarship attendee through the fantastic organization #INeedDiverseGames. It’s difficult to talk about yourself, so instead I’ll talk about the organization.


related note, it’s very difficult to find a good picture of yourself, especially when you’re taking the pictures most of the time.

#INeedDiverseGames is a pretty fantastic organization which is dedicated to increasing diversity, not just in the forms of characters but in the back rooms. They want a more diverse group of people to make games and they’re supporting programs to do that. This scholarship was designed for people who are from marginalized communities (members of the LGBTQIA spectrum, women, minorities, etc) and people who working with those marginalized communities to help increase diversity in the workplace and in games themselves. If you haven’t checked out #INeedDiverseGames, definitely give them a look on their website.

i need diverse games

So how does this apply to me? 

There’s some of the obvious ways, in that I’m a woman. Additionally, one of the pushes that Super Soul has been making in the last year has been towards creating educational initiatives that are targeting women and minority communities in Kentucky. Game development is becoming more democratic and we’re working on some pretty great projects to help bring those programs to life. I’m really excited to have this opportunity to go to GDC, as I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to get a ticket otherwise, and I’m excited to do so with as great a program as #INeedDiverseGames.

Additionally, while I’ve managed to arrange my travel to and from GDC already (as Super Soul is attending the Train Jam this year) several people who’ve received the same scholarship are going to have a more difficult time getting there and paying for food in San Francisco (which ain’t cheap.) Thankfully #INeedDiverseGames is putting together a crowd-funding campaign to try and give a small stipend to their scholarship recipients. Every little bit counts, so if you’re able, be sure to contribute: Link here.