Educational Resources


Engaging to Educate

We design engaging educational simulations that work with students to bring concepts from the classroom into exciting virtual environments.

At Super Soul, we believe that the key to creating useful experiences for students is to create ones that are fun and engaging while also imparting the information that they need to learn.



HazardRidgeNotepadIncorporating Existing Curriculum

We have a history of working with educators to incorporate pre-existing curriculum and lessons into digital spaces. Using games, there’s a new way to engage your students in classroom topics.

We have the expertise to make games for the classroom that teach in a new way.





We have created and implemented analytic tools for use by classroom educators and researchers. These tools, currently in use at the University of Kentucky, can help teachers and researchers alike collect insights, as well as customize classroom experiences based on how students are doing.

There are many great resources for educators looking to incorporate gaming into their curriculum, and they are offered through reputable companies in the tech and gaming industries today. If you have any specific questions about incorporating gaming into your classroom, please contact us.