Intern Farewell Dinner Spring 2016

This semester we were incredibly pleased to have two pretty fantastic interns with us — Kameron Stephens from the University of Kentucky, and Hunter, our high school intern from the Steam Academy in Lexington.

Over the course of the semester, we hope that they’ve learned a great deal about game development and this side of the industry. Kameron was incredibly helpful on the Lexitron Kickstarter project that we helped with, and Hunter started to really gain some further insight into Unity through work on our runner project.


To see the interns off, we had a dinner at Gatti Town Lexington (best arcade in the area). Good luck on your graduation and further careers!

Game Dev Video of the Week


Clash of Clones: The Importance of Standing Out

Clash of Clones: The Importance of Standing Out


In this video, Fredrik Wester of Paradox Interactive does a great job of outlining all the things you should consider when creating a commercial project and what’s involved in trying to stand out from the crowd. There’s so much stuff in here that I almost feel like I need to turn it into a big checklist of what to think about before starting a game. There is also some team management tips thrown in there as well. I really enjoyed the section on the consumer promise. What’s your favorite item from Fredrik’s talk?

Art Post-mortem for Peter Padder Pauleypop

Hi all. Richie here. I participated in the 31st Ludum Dare compo this past weekend, creating the game Peter Padder Pauleypop. I was excited to find the game written about in Killscreen and posted on Warp Door this week! Below is my art post-mortem, which can also be found on the LD site.


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LD 30 Post Mortem: A Horse with two names

A few weeks ago I spent the weekend participating in Ludum Dare 30.  Below is my post mortem.


A Horse With Two Names is a game where players use the source to solve the riddles of the executable.  Players open the source code in the Unity editor to investigate, modify, and alter the code and scene to solve the riddles included in the game executable itself. So far the feedback is limited–understandably so due to the very high barrier to entry–but overall positive.


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Richie on PAX East Panel!

At PAX East 2014, Richie was invited to sit for a panel discussion called, “Land My Job! Inside Advice on Getting into the Game Industry.”  The talk was presented by GameSkinny, and industry players offered their advice for landing a plum job in the video game industry.  Click on the video below, and see what Richie had to say!



GameSkinny’s full version of the event can be found here:

New AKBB features

Last weekend Supersoul had a great time at Lexington Comic Con 2014!  Here’s a short video where John shows off some new stuff for Astronaut Kitty Boom Boom.


New Video!

Supersoul and RunJumpDev rocked a booth at the Louisville Arcade Expo last weekend, and it was an important milestone for each of our newest projects:  RJD brought the Lexitron, Lexington’s first and only arcade machine featuring games from local game designers, and at SuperSoul we premiered a 4-player multiplayer demo of our latest game Astronaut Kitty Boom Boom.  Fun was had by all, we think, and here’s the video to prove it!