Free Range Arcade

Last Friday I headed up to the Free Range Arcade event in Bloomington, Indiana.  Our friend and sometimes collaborator Tom Birge headed up with me as John and Shea were out of the earth’s gravitational force.  We stopped by Louisville to pick up Alex of Two Scoop Games and set sail for Bloomington.  30 miles out of Indianapolis we realized a flaw in our trajectory (don’t mute your phone when Siri is giving voice directions!) and cut west on state highway 252. We arrived in Bloomington around 5:30PM.
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Ohio Game Developers Expo Post mortem

Last weekend we headed up to Columbus, Ohio for the inaugural Ohio Game Developer Expo.  We did not have much info on the event, we were not sure if it was the first year or not, and we had no idea how many people would be attending.  So we just winged it.  Here is our takeaway from the event. Read more

Ohio Game Developer Expo

This past Saturday, December 7th, we headed up to Columbus, Ohio for the inaugural Ohio Game Developer Expo.  We set up a table and demoed our newest game in development, Astronaut Kitty Boom Boom.  We had a blast, met some great people and saw some interesting games.  I intend to follow up this post with another of what we did right and wrong in a sort of expo postmortem. Read more

Compromised in SciFi 2 Bundle

We are happy to have Compromised included in‘s SciFi 2 Bundle.

For $5  you get:

ASA: A Space Adventure, by Simon_ASA

Compromised, by Super Soul

Snorms, by

For an additional $2 you also get:

Exoplanet: First Contact (alpha), by Alersteam

BrokenEarth (beta), by teamINOV

So far we have checked out ASA, which is a really well presented and intriguing adventure game.  Hopefully this weekend we can check out the rest of the games.

Go to to check out the SciFi 2 bundle, watch the videos, and help support us and these other devs!