Super Soul will be Jamming on the Train Jam



Super Soul will be attending the third annual Train Jam!

For those not in the know, Train Jam is an annual event where developers from around the world take the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco, arriving just in time for GDC. This year, the train tickets managed to sell out in just 35 seconds (seriously) but somehow every member of Super Soul has managed to find their way onto the train!  We’ve also really excited to hear that 11 OHINKY (Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky) developers are going to be on the train with us.

This year, John will be attending for the first time along with one of our contractors Jeff Wright and Amanda Wallace, who will be attending for her second year. The Train Jam is an excellent opportunity that we’re excited to be afforded, and we hope to meet and network with interesting developers and designers!

See you at GDC 2016!

LD 30 Post Mortem: A Horse with two names

A few weeks ago I spent the weekend participating in Ludum Dare 30.  Below is my post mortem.


A Horse With Two Names is a game where players use the source to solve the riddles of the executable.  Players open the source code in the Unity editor to investigate, modify, and alter the code and scene to solve the riddles included in the game executable itself. So far the feedback is limited–understandably so due to the very high barrier to entry–but overall positive.


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Post Mortem for Ludum Dare 28 game Smooth Operator

Hey all! I wrote up a post mortem for my Ludum Dare game Smooth Operator for the Ludum Dare site. Though I would share it here on the Super Soul blog as well.


Smooth Operator is my LD 28 entry and my 3rd comp entry.  It is also my most successful Ludum Dare entry (in my opinion). So without further ado, lets post mortem! Read more

Oculus Rift Dev Blog 3: Froggies

For our third blog post about our Oculus Rift Game The Fisherman and the Stars, I am going to talk a bit about how time restraints led to the design of our animals.

When I finally got around to designing the animals we only had a few days left in the jam.  I knew I did not have much time to create each animal.  Because of these restraints the question became–how to convey the essence of a frog in a simple and clear manner?   Read more

Oculus Rift Dev Blog 2 or Trees Grow Upside Down

Well I said I would talk about our Mario Galaxy style gravity.  So here goes.

We cast a ray along the local space down direction from the midpoint of the body of our player character.  This is a simple call in unity, Physics.Raycast.  We have a mask that only looks for a collision with the planet.  Once we register a collision we take the normal of the surface, reverse its direction and update the players gravity with this new vector.   Read more

Oculus Rift Dev Blog 1 or How many sunflowers make a bouquet?

Last month we were developing a game around the idea of underwater exploration. Shea rocked out a fish flocking system and we were preparing to start investigating the game further when we heard about the Oculus Rift Game Jam.  A Rift had happened upon our doorstep a few days before so we decided to throw in our hat and jam.  We hooked the Rift into our underwater demo and…


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Ludum Dare 26 Post Mortem: Where Therefore We Go

These are my thoughts about the game I made for the Ludum Dare 26 compo.  I will focus on what I feel was the most successful aspect of the game and the two issues I feel were the weakest.

I wanted to develop something I felt was complete and I accomplished this.

I have been preoccupied lately with the idea of games as complete creative works.  To help me in this thought process I have been toying around with parallels between a painting composed of component parts and a game composed of component parts.

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