John, Tom and Tim Present: THE LEXITRON

Apr. 02, 2014

At the Louisville Arcade Expo a few weeks back John joined fellow game enthusiasts and Lexitron designers Tom Birge and Tim Knowlton (designer Chase LaCas wasn’t able to attend) to discuss how and why RunJumpDev built the Lexitron–Lexington’s own custom-built arcade cabinet featuring games from local developers.  Here’s a sample of what they discussed, and thanks again to the Louisville Expo organizers for giving RJD the opportunity to show off its proudest creation!


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Ohio Game Developer Expo

Dec. 10, 2013

This past Saturday, December 7th, we headed up to Columbus, Ohio for the inaugural Ohio Game Developer Expo.  We set up a table and demoed our newest game in development, Astronaut Kitty Boom Boom.  We had a blast, met some great people and saw some interesting games.  I intend to follow up this post with another of what we did right and wrong in a sort of expo postmortem.

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Lexington Comic Convention

Mar. 16, 2013

Super Soul continued it’s Compromised Muti-player tour this weekend at the Lexington Comic Con.  Being one of the only game development companies at the convention gave the team a unique opportunity to stand out and get players who were on comic book overkill to relax and play Compromised Multiplayer.   We are in booth 118 tonight and tomorrow so be sure to stop by and see us.

Based on feedback from players, a number of improvements have been made to the game since last weekend’s Louisville Arcade Expo:

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Louisville Arcade Expo Recap

Mar. 10, 2013

Standing in the middle of the Pavilion at the Louisville Arcade Expo, surrounded by dozens of classic arcade games and pinball machines, your senses are overwhelmed with the urge to play a game. The lights from the machines cast a flickering glow across the room, and as you walk around the pavilion you occasionally pick up on a tune from a game you loved from your childhood, bringing with it a flood of warm memories of the dawning of the video game era.  Although this was only their third year, the Louisville Arcade Expo keeps getting bigger and better. For the low price of $15 for one day, and $35 for the weekend, all games were set on free to play, offering gamers of all flavors unlimited entertainment.

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