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Super Soul Spring Intern Wrap-Up at Gatti Town

It’s time for our regular GattiTown wrap-up. Every time we wrap-up a project, we go to GattiTown and with the semester coming to a close, it seems sensical to take the interns there as a celebration for their Spring Semester.

We were super pleased to have 3 interns from the Steam Academy, a local high school in town as well as one adult intern (who was unable to attend the gathering). This semester they worked on levels for Kentucky Dash (formerly known as the Lexitron Runner), helped play test Mommy’s Best Games Pig Eat Ball and more. It was a fantastic semester, and we can’t see what they go on to do.

Intern Gatti Town-3 Intern Gatti Town-6 Intern Gatti Town-11 Intern Gatti Town-15

Lexitron Runner Graphics Progress

We are currently working on Lexitron Kickstarter backer reward, an infinite runner. We are currently working on the graphics for the game, trying to incorporate a sort of colored construction paper vibe with low-poly graphics.

You can see the graphics in action in the following YouTube video:

We are really excited about this project, and hope to keep updating everyone on our coming work with this game.

LASC Students Learning Twine

This past week I had the privilege of working with several students from the Living Arts and Science Center on their first Twine games. Over the course of several days, they created a good variety of texts and shared them in front of the class.

Super Soul is proud to present these works on our site. These pieces of interactive fiction show a great deal of promise, and we hope that these writers will continue to contribute their creative pursuits to the world of interactive fiction and gaming in general.

I’ve labeled the pieces with their file names. If you are a student in the class, please feel free to reach out to me for a copy of the file if you ever want it.

The Last Countdown

Max and the Clash of Ages

LASC Story


Lost in Space

This class was offered in conjunction with the Rules and Play art exhibition, and was featured at the Living Arts and Science Center. If you are interested in learning more about the exhibition, which features local and international examples of installation art, or the classes we are helping to offer, please check out the Rules and Play website.

Intern Farewell Dinner Spring 2016

This semester we were incredibly pleased to have two pretty fantastic interns with us — Kameron Stephens from the University of Kentucky, and Hunter, our high school intern from the Steam Academy in Lexington.

Over the course of the semester, we hope that they’ve learned a great deal about game development and this side of the industry. Kameron was incredibly helpful on the Lexitron Kickstarter project that we helped with, and Hunter started to really gain some further insight into Unity through work on our runner project.


To see the interns off, we had a dinner at Gatti Town Lexington (best arcade in the area). Good luck on your graduation and further careers!

A Burrito-Like Wrap-Up of GDC

I didn’t go to GDC with a particular goal. I rarely go to conferences and conventions with an objective, unless I’m showing something. That said, I have always managed to get something good out of the experience. This being my third year of attending GDC, I had a rough idea of what I would encounter throughout the week: cool people making cool things, interesting talks, and some rad parties. However, I generally try to make it a point to do something new each year as well. This year’s big new thing was going on the Train Jam.

I have done quite a few game jams in the past (Global Game Jam, Ludum Dare, etc.), but Train Jam was a wholly new experience for me. Spending 52 hours on a train created a challenging environment for making a game, as the swaying of the cars and the lack of internet worked against all attempts at productivity, but simultaneously pushed everyone to think creatively and work around these obstacles. Amanda Hudgins and I worked with two people we had never met before, Andrada Tudor and Jeremiah Watts, to make Techno Dad: Hot Tub Party, a game about fitting a bunch of dads into a hot tub that is too small to keep them warm in an arctic climate, which would be on display with the 61 other games at the Train Jam booth at GDC.

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Narrative, the Illusion of Choice and a Talk from Jim Brown

Frequently in narrative design we discuss the “illusion of choice.” There are only so many branches a writer can write, only so many words. Each additional branch adds a new series of text, a new series of choices. This is why so often, decisions are merely short forks in a single linear path. If this is done well, however, the reader may not even realize that their choices were not their own — that these decisions were pre-written for them.

80 Days, a narrative game from Inkle, has as much text as the Lord of the Rings series plus the Silmarillion. Each new choice adds more text to an already dense piece of work, so it’s little surprise that the long history of narrative games is about giving readers an illusion of choice rather than actual decisions. At a GDC talk this past week, Jim Brown of Epic Games discussed this concept as it related to level design.

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Pain Management at Conventions for Game Developers

If you’ve never been to a con before (or maybe you have) there are things you have to keep in mind. Pack some snacks, make sure to have bottled water, and bring an extra adaptor for your phone so that when it dies (because it will) you can charge it.

games convention

But what often gets left out of the discussion is what to do if you’re also someone who happens to be managing chronic pain. Maybe sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to get up in the morning. Maybe it feels like every muscle in your back is actually a separate rubber band that is creaking against a wooden frame as it tries not to snap. The idea of standing for eight hours on end at a booth sounds as close to a level of hell as you can imagine.

I have what my doctor calls a “relatively minor” case of scoliosis, and so what works for me may not work for you. When I asked another chronic pain sufferer what they did for conventions, they told me they just “endured it.” In many cases, this is basically what you have to do, and there’s little to no way around it. However, there are some steps that I’ve taken in the past that can help alleviate the pain a little bit.
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Amanda Gets Selected as #INeedDiverseGames GDC Scholarship Recipient

This year, all the members of Super Soul will be attending GDC (yay!) and I’ll be attending as well, as a GDC Scholarship attendee through the fantastic organization #INeedDiverseGames. It’s difficult to talk about yourself, so instead I’ll talk about the organization.


related note, it’s very difficult to find a good picture of yourself, especially when you’re taking the pictures most of the time.

#INeedDiverseGames is a pretty fantastic organization which is dedicated to increasing diversity, not just in the forms of characters but in the back rooms. They want a more diverse group of people to make games and they’re supporting programs to do that. This scholarship was designed for people who are from marginalized communities (members of the LGBTQIA spectrum, women, minorities, etc) and people who working with those marginalized communities to help increase diversity in the workplace and in games themselves. If you haven’t checked out #INeedDiverseGames, definitely give them a look on their website.

i need diverse games

So how does this apply to me? 

There’s some of the obvious ways, in that I’m a woman. Additionally, one of the pushes that Super Soul has been making in the last year has been towards creating educational initiatives that are targeting women and minority communities in Kentucky. Game development is becoming more democratic and we’re working on some pretty great projects to help bring those programs to life. I’m really excited to have this opportunity to go to GDC, as I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to get a ticket otherwise, and I’m excited to do so with as great a program as #INeedDiverseGames.

Additionally, while I’ve managed to arrange my travel to and from GDC already (as Super Soul is attending the Train Jam this year) several people who’ve received the same scholarship are going to have a more difficult time getting there and paying for food in San Francisco (which ain’t cheap.) Thankfully #INeedDiverseGames is putting together a crowd-funding campaign to try and give a small stipend to their scholarship recipients. Every little bit counts, so if you’re able, be sure to contribute: Link here.

Farewell Fall 2015 Interns

This semester we were very lucky to have three interns from the University of Kentucky’s MAS program. These three interns — Jeff Wright, Stephen Smith and Matt Hudgins — all contributed a great deal to the projects that we worked on this month.

To celebrate the work that we’ve done this semester as well as the fact that two of our interns (Jeff and Stephen) are graduating, we took them out for a night at Gatti Town.

IMGP0631 IMGP0634 IMGP0693

The night was full of skee ball, Japanese Derby horse training games, a potentially pirated copy of Mario Kart and average pizza. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our final hurrah with our interns, as well as the interns who made this an enjoyable and productive semester.

If you’re interested in an internship, be sure to contact john@supersoul.co .