How to catch your Arduino board on fire

Jan. 07, 2015

Disclaimer: Don’t set your Arduino board on fire. In fact, it is generally a wise decision to not set things on fire.


The last few weeks we have been prepping for a Gallery Hop showing in Lexington with other artists and game designers from Lexington. There have been some really cool works and experiments going on, which has motivated us to start playing around with hardware again and just hacking/creating for the sake of curiousity.

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Free Range Arcade

Oct. 06, 2014

Last Friday I headed up to the Free Range Arcade event in Bloomington, Indiana.  Our friend and sometimes collaborator Tom Birge headed up with me as John and Shea were out of the earth’s gravitational force.  We stopped by Louisville to pick up Alex of Two Scoop Games and set sail for Bloomington.  30 miles out of Indianapolis we realized a flaw in our trajectory (don’t mute your phone when Siri is giving voice directions!) and cut west on state highway 252. We arrived in Bloomington around 5:30PM.

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