Our mission is to innovate and experiment with interactive media, and to deliver high-quality games to the commercial marketplace, and to clients, that emphasize fun, innovation and creativity.

We are an award-winning digital arts studio with a diverse portfolio that includes PC, console, and mobile video games; educational and training games; marketing materials; art installations; and consultation.

Additionally, Super Soul manages Run Jump Dev, a non-profit organization supporting local game development in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Team

Richard Hoagland, Creative DirectorRichard Hoagland, Creative Director

As a commercial artist, Richard’s work has been exhibited across the Kentucky region, including at the Lexington Living Arts & Science Center, which presented his 2010 installation ARTiculation as a feature exhibit. Winner of the 2006 Helen Byrd drawing scholarship, and given “Best in Show” at the 2009 LEXARTS University Open, Richie transitioned into software development as a researcher at the UK Center for Visualisation and Virtual Environments, where he used the Vicon motion capture rig and real-time positional tracking data to create 3D games using OpenGL. His work experimenting with the unification of fine art and technology brought him to the attention of John Meister, and together they created Super Soul in 2011.

John Meister, Technical DirectorJohn Meister, Technical Director

John Meister has fifteen years of experience as a software engineer, developer and project leader. Before co-founding Super Soul, he spent nine years as a software architect, developing new software and services in a variety of fields, and also founded Pheeva LLC, an HTML5 game development and monetization company. John is Founder and President of RunJumpDev, a non-profit organization that promotes game development and integration in Lexington, Kentucky. In 2013 and 2014, RunJumpDev partnered with the Lexington business community to attend PAX East, the largest gaming convention in the eastern United States.

Richard Hoagland, Creative DirectorSuper Soul

When John and Richie decided to form a company together they went looking for office space and found the perfect spot in a now-defunct soul music radio station in Lexington, Kentucky. The radio station had been called Super Soul, and in a flash of inspiration, Richie and John knew they’d found their space, they’d found their company name, and they’d found their identity. The radio station equipment stills works, and on many days one may find the team rocking to Thriller or Rick James. Super Soul was able to move into their office with support from the Ignite Project and the Urban League of Lexington.