Super Soul’s mission is to make games that matter to people. We have published commercial and experimental games available on Xbox and for the PC. We also created a local game development group called Run Jump Dev, participate in Game Jams and create interactive art installations.

The Team


Richie is classically trained in the Dark Arts. After ebay shut down the sale of spells, Richie was forced to move on to the closest relative of the Dark Arts, Fine Arts. Richie has exhibited his art at events such as the Idea Festival, the Creative Cities Summit and the Lexington Downtown Arts Place. Richie holds a BFA degree in New Media from the University of Kentucky.  While at the university, Richie worked at the VIS Center where he developed interactive simulations writing custom software for motion capture devices and multi-projector displays. On his home world Richard has won many awards and holds a PHD in both psychology and paranormal psychology.


As a graduate of Purdue University in Computer Engineering, John has worked in the software industry for the last 15 years. He founded RunJumpDev, a non-profit game development association in Kentucky whose goal is to promote the game industry and culture. John is a lifelong gamer and has a passion for leading creative teams. John summers on Alpha Centauri offering his dev skills for the resistance.


We make video games so to be good developers we have to have our environment be a character right? So here goes… Super Soul works out of a defunct radio station called Super Soul, which is where the name of the company came from. The back room of the radio station still has the equipment and records and on an occasional Monday you may find everyone in the office rocking out to the Thriller album on an MJ Monday. We would not be here without some awesome support from the Ignite Project and the Urban League of Lexington. Shout out!