November 19, 2015 Amanda Hudgins

OGDE 2015 Post Mortem

This year, Super Soul attended OGDE as a part of the game development group RunJumpDev, who was a sponsor for the event. Throughout the weekend, the RunJumpDev booth alternatively showed off work from both Super Soul, as well as Ralph VR’s Daydream Blue. On the final day, mildmojo also set up a guerrilla booth for his fascinating alternative controller exhibit Disc Jockey Jockey.


OGDE is a regional exposition for game developers in the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana area, and there were a lot of great development teams from the area showing off all of their work. In addition to that, we were able to meet a decent selection of new people. The conference is a great opportunity to network with other developers, show off the work that we’ve managed in the past year, and to just see some great games from regional developers.

Highlights from the week include the single largest developer dinner I’ve ever been a part of, which our friend Rex Soriano was able to capture on film. Check out the panoramic goodness of 30 people eating at Buca di Beppo (they put us in the back room):

developer dinner

Family style Italian where you can only order in servings for at least 2 people? Really the ideal spot for 30 people with different palates and dietary restrictions.

Power Up Your Startup While attending the conference, John was a member of the panel Power Up Your Startup a talk with other game developers about how to get into the startup scene. The talk was well attended, with enough people that it became standing room only.

The talk was about starting a game development studio, and the specific concerns that you should have when going on your own. There were other studios and developers who participated in the panel as well.

This week we also unveiled our newest project, a work in progress known tentatively as Beam Me Up. Beam Me Up is currently in early stage development, and this is the first time it’s been shown publicly at an event. The game has been a big part of our work this year with our three interns from the Media Arts and Studies department at the University of Kentucky. These three guys (Matt Hudgins, Jeff Wright and Stephen Smith) have all done great work on this game and bringing it to the state that it is now. While originally developed by Matt as a jam game back in 2013, all of the work porting the game to Unity and polishing it to a playable state in time for OGDE was completed between September and the November date of the convention.


The game features an interesting push and pull mechanic utilizing UFO’s. Players compete together to throw cars at each other and buildings in an effort to rack up points. We used the opportunity of the convention to both showcase the game and test out some of the features. This was the games first public outing, and it was exciting to see both children and adults quickly pick up the controls.

Our friends at Two Scoop Games were able to capture some footage of Crash mode, where users break cars across the ground and each other in an attempt to collect as much money as possible. We look forward to working more on this title in the future. 

Our graphic design and 3D modeling intern said that OGDE was a “good experience,” this being the first time that he had worked a booth at a trade show like this one. Over the course of the weekend, the interns had the opportunity to attend talks from important figures in the field of game design as well as to work on demonstrating a title on a show floor.


Jeff Wright, a design and programming intern with Super Soul, said that while this was by no means his first convention, it was a great experience in both a more personable convention and a fantastic exercise in networking with other local development teams.

We look forward to partnering with OGDE in the future and bringing more games to the COSI center in Columbus.

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