November 18, 2015 Amanda Hudgins

Super Soul will be Jamming on the Train Jam



Super Soul will be attending the third annual Train Jam!

For those not in the know, Train Jam is an annual event where developers from around the world take the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco, arriving just in time for GDC. This year, the train tickets managed to sell out in just 35 seconds (seriously) but somehow every member of Super Soul has managed to find their way onto the train! ¬†We’ve also really excited to hear that 11 OHINKY (Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky) developers are going to be on the train with us.

This year, John will be attending for the first time along with one of our contractors Jeff Wright and Amanda Wallace, who will be attending for her second year. The Train Jam is an excellent opportunity that we’re excited to be afforded, and we hope to meet and network with interesting developers and designers!

See you at GDC 2016!

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