March 9, 2015 richie

GDC or Bust : Part 4

Below is the forth in a series of posts documenting the final development of Deluxe Turbo Racing 360 for GDC. Due to a crazy schedule we did not roll out posts during GDC, but over the next few weeks we will post up blogs from the trip.

Part 4: Blog at 30,000 feet

Somewhere over the Midwest, 30,000 feet in the air. Looks like it will be GDC, not bust 😉


The last week we have been tying up the loose ends on DTR to get ready for GDC. We finished our pedestal,




turned the controllers up to eleven,




and completed most of the code.


I am fairly confident that is C#


We headed to the office earlier today to wrap the crap out of our control boxes and controllers before our flight, as the size required us to check a bag. We are all very happy and confident with the decision to check the DTR stuff! The last thing we saw as we waved goodbye to our precious cargo was the bag being tossed unto the conveyor belt with a disheartening THWACK! –This was helped tremendously by the service attendant, who assured us that was the first of many times the bag would be thrown around. We also learned, much to our relief, that the gentleman whom tossed it is actually one of the “easy ones” with the bags, oh and “I hope you all brought a screwdriver!”


Bring it on Delta


As I write this the time is 11:43. I think we are all excited but tired. I am both nervous and excited about showing DTR 360 at Alt.Ctrl.GDC. Oh yeah, and GDC!



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