October 6, 2014 richie

Free Range Arcade

Last Friday I headed up to the Free Range Arcade event in Bloomington, Indiana.  Our friend and sometimes collaborator Tom Birge headed up with me as John and Shea were out of the earth’s gravitational force.  We stopped by Louisville to pick up Alex of Two Scoop Games and set sail for Bloomington.  30 miles out of Indianapolis we realized a flaw in our trajectory (don’t mute your phone when Siri is giving voice directions!) and cut west on state highway 252. We arrived in Bloomington around 5:30PM.

Free Range Arcade is a very easy going event where anyone can stop in and play games made by local and regional developers.  It is more intimate than larger expos/shows, and it is free to the public.  The event is held during the Bloomington, Indiana Gallery Hop, so there is a large amount of foot traffic around downtown already.  An added bonus is that with a smaller show such as FRA, we have gotten to know almost all of the developers showing games. All these features make Free Range Arcade a great chance to stay in touch, check out what others are doing, and peddle some wares.


I brought up Speakeasy to show.  The response was very positive.  A group of young people ended up taking over the booth and playing King of the Hill for over an hour–of course letting others in to play who were waiting!–and had a grand old time.  Pretty satisfying and confidence building to see that kind of reaction as we near launch.  We even got some parents to hop in and they found themselves having a great time as well. With the simple controls, the barrier to play is nice and low, so we constantly find non-console-gamers hopping in to play and have fun.


The event lasted until 8ish.  Afterwards a group of us developers headed over to a local restaraunt for some grub and conversation.  I had a great time at the dinner. I learned about all of the fascinating things Studio Cypher is up to, talked board games and what everyone was currently playing, and had some fried potato balls that were amazing.  I really enjoy these dinners with fellow devs where we share stories, ideas, games and plans for the future.


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