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Super Soul at the 5 Across Pitch Contest

A couple of weeks ago Super Soul participated in the 5 Across pitch contest at Awesome Inc.  5 Across occurs 5 times and year, with 5 businesses pitching for 5 minutes, for 500 dollars.


For a couple of weeks leading up to 5 Across we worked on how we would present our company.  We really looked at what we wanted to focus on and communicate about us–after all 5 minutes can go by pretty fast!  We decided to focus mostly on our plans for Astronaut Kitty Boom Boom, the game we have been developing on and off over the past year.  We would have loved to spend a decent amount of time discussing our current project Speakeasy, unfortunately the game had not been announced yet at the time of the pitch.


Then the day came and we all headed down to Awesome for the big showdown :)


We were fourth in the queue to pitch.  We watched the pitches one by one and were quite impressed with all of the presentations, ideas and plans.  Pitches included a compelling new take on the sports drink, an app that facilitates productivity, and a novel method of advertising on the web.


As we were waiting for our turn, I was thinking about the fact that they ask trivia questions about business between each pitch.  I had noticed in previous pitches that they always tended to ask a question that involved video games, and  I was aware that only days prior Amazon had purchased Twitch for around a billion dollars.  I figured there was a high probability that this question would be asked and there should be no one in that room to get that question sooner than someone for Super Soul, considering we were a game company pitching that evening.  So every time they started a question, I waited for the word Amazon.  Sure enough, after the second group they started their question.


“Amazon recently…”

I hedged my bet and blurted out “Twitch”

There was a pause as the question was still far from being complete.  “What did you say?”

To late to go back now, I followed up, “Twitch.”

Garret responded, “Well let me finish the question but yes that is correct.”

So he finished the question, we got the answer, and I further continued my quest of creating awkward social situations.  Everybody wins :)


After the third pitch our time to step up was at hand, with Jeff leading the presentation, stuffed animal Mylo the kitty in hand.


Jeff walked about talking games with cats being shot into space and the way we always do things a bit different, the Super Soul way. He worked the crowd all the while hoisting Mylo above his head.  He hit a bit of a rough patch in the middle, forgetting his lines, and we all held our collective breath.  With all of the work we were doing, and Jeff busy with his full time writing and a book deadline on the horizon, we were all a little stretched by the day of the pitch. But Jeff caught the tail of his presentation again just in time and rode it on home, finishing with about 5 seconds left on the clock.


The final pitch ended, an interesting product for artists online portfolios. With that the jury left to decide on the winner and we all sat around talking.  During the break a delightful coincidence occured, Ben from Gun had caught the tail end of our presentation and came up to us after the pitches.  Guess what he said.  “IGN is running an article on Speakeasy tomorrow!” We were pumped, and although we had concerns about our chances of winning the pitch, we were all riding pretty high when the judges came back out to announce the winner.



Super Soul


We walked up to the front to get our picture taken holding our first over sized check, (it tastes like cardboard) and wound down our evening with the monthly RunJumpDev meeting.


We are really proud to have won.  The next step is to get ready for the finals in December.  But before that, we of course have the little task of finishing up Speakeasy and releasing on the PS4 :)

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