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Super Soul Announces Speakeasy


Super Soul is proud to announce Speakeasy, a rapid-fire, party centric game set for release on the PS4 Fall 2014. The game combines the elements of rock-paper-scissors with all the best parts of a fighting game, all set in the Roaring 20’s.

In the standard Speakeasy mode, you use a simple three-button control scheme to attack, block or fake in one on one battles. These simply controls belay more complicated play, promoting a competitive play that will challenge amateurs and well versed players.


Speakeasy was originally created for Ludum Dare as the 70’s groove inspired “Smooth Operator.” In his Ludum Dare post-mortem, Richie said that he was happy with the game but that it needed depth, or it simply existed as a novelty. Through the partnership with Gun, Speakeasy has achieved the necessary polish to push the game past a novelty and into the kind of competitive game that you will need at your next party. Partially this is the through the addition of exciting historical characters and the thematic choices in the newest iteration, but it is also a product of the different modes that are present in the newest from King of the Hill, Tag Team and tournaments.

Speakeasy is bringing the verve of the 20’s to party games before the end of this year. Check out the gameplay preview on IGN, who say “all prohibition and no beer make historical figures go crazy.” 

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