December 10, 2013 richie

Ohio Game Developer Expo

This past Saturday, December 7th, we headed up to Columbus, Ohio for the inaugural Ohio Game Developer Expo.  We set up a table and demoed our newest game in development, Astronaut Kitty Boom Boom.  We had a blast, met some great people and saw some interesting games.  I intend to follow up this post with another of what we did right and wrong in a sort of expo postmortem.


Due to the weather, we left Lexington about 5AM Saturday morning.   We got to the expo hall with more than enough time to setup and grab some morning beverages.


Our setup was pretty simple, TV for Astronaut Kitty, laptop looping the Compromised trailer and some shirts on the table.  Fortunately Tim had a device for running a time lapse video of the building of the Lexitron which was a great addition.


For the most part the day consisted of hanging around the table talking about Astronaut Kitty and watching people play to study their reactions and how they played the game.  We were rather pleased and surprised by how much people enjoyed the game and were interested in knowing when it was coming out.  This led to a bit of an awkward discussion as we originally made the game for the Lexitron with no intention of developing it further or for other devices, so we never discussed plans for releasing it.  As such, the answer to their question generally consisted of a few rambling words, some hand gestures and a “We don’t really know.”  Yes you can email us about marketing consultation!


The highlight of the day was the Astronaut Kitty tournament we held.  It was a smash-bang-boom of a time, with the winner coming out of a 1-1 tie by soaring into space as his opponent slammed into the moon.  We have never held a tournament for one of our games before and found it to be both incredibly rewarding and a great way to bring people to the table.  Below you can see our award ceremony and the passing of the golden hat (which is actually the hat from another dev with a game called Philip Bearhouse) which Sam insisted we keep and instead we gave him a copy of Compromised for PC.



Two of our friends and fellow devs from runjumpdev made the trip up with us.  It was great hanging out with them, as usual, but they also hung around the booth and helped us out tremendously.  Being a part of a group like runjumpdev, with the kind, smart, talented and handsome people in it, is amazing.


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