March 16, 2013 jwombles

Lexington Comic Convention

Super Soul continued it’s Compromised Muti-player tour this weekend at the Lexington Comic Con. ¬†Being one of the only game development companies at the convention gave the team a unique opportunity to stand out and get players who were on comic book overkill to relax and play Compromised Multiplayer. ¬† We are in booth 118 tonight and tomorrow so be sure to stop by and see us.

Based on feedback from players, a number of improvements have been made to the game since last weekend’s Louisville Arcade Expo:

  1. – Each player’s ship has color enhancements making it easier to track which ship is yours in the middle of intese gameplay.
  2. – Overall graphical enhancements to explosions and various game events.
  3. – Energy cubes are gravitating toward nearby ships, making them easier to pick up which has improved gameplay pacing.
  4. – Slick intro and outro scenes have been finished for cooperative gameplay, adding more polish to the beta demo version.

John and Richie have been operating on little sleep and lots of caffeine the past few weeks getting the newest update to Compromised ready for PAX East next weekend, the largest gaming conference on the east coast. So far though, the hard work has been paying off as player response has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging!

More pictures coming soon!