March 5, 2013 jwombles

Super Soul Listens to Feedback on Compromised Multiplayer Modes

Last Friday was the first ever Shave and a Haircut 8 bit event held in Louisville, KY and it was a great opportunity for us to demo and receive feedback on the multiplayer versions we’ve been working on for Compromised.  There was hardly a moment when someone wasn’t playing the game, and most of the time there were 2-4 players engaged in combat.  Getting this type of feedback over the past two weeks has been instrumental in iterating on the player experience and making numerous game design and character improvements.

Watching other players has allowed us to discover and fix some minor bugs such as players slipping through walls and enemies continuing to chase players after they’re dead and have disappeared.  When players complained that after they died it wasn’t easy to see where they re-spawned, we created a new spawn bubble around the player’s ship that lasts 5 seconds, making it easier for spawn location discovery and ship protection.

Since the launch of the game, ship bullets were controlled by the weapon directional stick and the missiles were controlled by the ship direction stick.  Player feedback made us reconsider the missiles direction to be in line with the bullets stick, so that all projectiles are controlled by one unified control. Other feedback from the multiplayer coop mode has made us consider making each players ship design different as well.

All in all, it’s these little game design elements that add up to a positive player experience, and events like Shave and a Haircut allow us to get the feedback necessary to ensure that we are creating a game that players will enjoy!

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