February 27, 2013 jwombles

Supersoul to Demo Compromised Multiplayer Mode

Upset the cute girl you like just cancelled that awesome date you had planned to the comic book store and now you need something fun to do this Friday night?  Are you interested in meeting some of the coolest local game developers in Kentucky?  Come down to the Market Street Barbers in Louisville this Friday night for the Shave and a Haircut, 8 bit meetup at 7pm to play video games and meet the developers behind them.

In conjunction with Mommy’s Best Games’ release of “Serious Sam Double D XXL”, Super Soul will be debuting the new beta multiplayer version of their top down shooter Compromised.  In Compromised, you are Aero, a lone defender struggling to protect your world from invading alien forces. Stranded in the wastelands of Se-Da, you must survive the enemy assault and destroy massive bosses. Collect energy and weapon upgrades to overcome the staggering odds against you as you defend your world and all that you hold dear.

Inspired by the games of yore on the like Super Metroid, Geometry Wars, and Super R-Type, the team at Super Soul have crafted a truly engaging and competitive shooter game that has gotten rave reviews from both local and national press.  With stunning graphics, responsive controls, and a heart-pounding soundtrack, Compromised provides white-knuckled action topped with adrenaline laced boss battles.

So tell that girl you have better things to do on Friday night, and we’ll see you at the Market Street Barbers!  And then of course call her back on Saturday and leave more messages.

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