Game Dev Video of the Week: Unity’s UNET

Jan. 20, 2015


Unite 2014 – New Unity Networking in 5.x

In this video Sean Riley talks about the new networking framework that is coming in Unity 5.x called UNET. Unity’s current networking framework is easy to get started with but there is a lot to be desired. It appears Unity is trying to address many of these problems in the new version. Also the video does a good job of giving an overview of what is involved in making a game networked. More details about UNET can be found in these Unity blog posts:

Announcement Post

Variable Syncing

Transport Layer

Have you tried networking one of your games? Have you tried Photon networking?

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How to catch your Arduino board on fire

Jan. 07, 2015

Disclaimer: Don’t set your Arduino board on fire. In fact, it is generally a wise decision to not set things on fire.


The last few weeks we have been prepping for a Gallery Hop showing in Lexington with other artists and game designers from Lexington. There have been some really cool works and experiments going on, which has motivated us to start playing around with hardware again and just hacking/creating for the sake of curiousity.

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Game Dev Video of the Week

Jan. 05, 2015


Clash of Clones: The Importance of Standing Out

Clash of Clones: The Importance of Standing Out


In this video, Fredrik Wester of Paradox Interactive does a great job of outlining all the things you should consider when creating a commercial project and what’s involved in trying to stand out from the crowd. There’s so much stuff in here that I almost feel like I need to turn it into a big checklist of what to think about before starting a game. There is also some team management tips thrown in there as well. I really enjoyed the section on the consumer promise. What’s your favorite item from Fredrik’s talk?

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